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Funniest Police Movies

Most of the time, you read about the stresses, pressures, and difficulties of police work. No doubt, a day in the life of a police officer is often hard. There are even studies that suggest police work can be hazardous to your health.If it were as consistently bad as some make it out to be though, no one would do the job. Fortunately for us, Hollywood figured out long ago that cops weren't just tough - they could be funny, too. So suspend your disbelief and dig into this unscientific look at some of the funniest police movies ever made.

  • Rush Hour

  • Worlds collide when a Chinese inspector teams up with a loud-mouth Los Angles detective to solve kidnapping with international intrigue. Jackie Chan has awesome Kung Fu moves.
    Chris Tucker has solid one-liners to offset his cantankerous character's bad attitude. Smart, fun and funny, Rush Hour breathed new life into the buddy cop genre and brought tons of action and plenty of laughs.
  • Beverly Hills Cop


  • Any list of funny cop movies would be incomplete if it didn't include a mention of the film that made Eddie Murphy a household name. Murphy's Axel Foley is a rough-around-the-edges, do whatever it takes to get the job done cop from Detroit who takes an unauthorized trip to Beverly Hills to track a lead to a friend's murder.
    Unfortunately for him - and great for us - the stuffy, by-the-book Beverly Hills P.D. isn't ready for the way Foley does business. Eventually, in their own special way, they come around to his way of thinking. Along the way, we get to laugh out loud at the ensuing antics.
  • Super Troopers


  • An exaggeration, to be sure, but it's almost frightening how the folks from Broken Lizard were able to capture the absolute worst aspects of inept law enforcement officers and make them look so hilarious.
    Whether it's Troopers messing with stoners, a police chase turned practical joke or an ongoing rivalry between the state and local police; Super Troopers is laugh out loud funny - though certainly not appropriate for little eyes and ears.
  • $10

  • Okay, call it a cop out - get it? Cop out? - to roll three great movies into one spot on the list, but these are great as stand-alone or a series. Pioneering the "Buddy Cop" genre and injecting the perfect balance of action, drama and comic relief, the ultimate good-cop-bad-cop duo of Mel Gibson and Danny Glover really delivers the funny at the most ironic moments.
    I don't care if it does play to the lowest common denominator - whoever came up with the idea of having to disarm a toilet bomb - while in use - is a comic genius.
  • Bad Boys

  • What happens when you take two of the (at the time) funniest actors in Hollywood, hand them badges and guns, and turn them loose on the streets of Miami? I'll give you a hint: when you read the back of the DVD case, the summary will probably include the phrase "hilarity ensues."
    Like Lethal Weapon, Bad Boys is non-stop action and non-stop humor. Martin Lawrence and Will Smith keep the one-liners flowing as they tackle the seedy drug trade in scenic and sunny South Florida.
  • Paul Blart: Mall Cop

  • Not only is Paul Blart: Mall Cop fun to watch, it's fun to watch with the whole family. Funnyman Kevin James plays a mall security guard whose dream is to work with the state police.
    Unfortunately, his weight and his blood sugar let him down every time he tries out. It is a funny movie with heart as our intrepid mall cop gets his chance to play the hero - and we all enjoy the endless laughs as he does it.
  • Police Academy

  • This movie defined the goofy cop humor drama and provides a frighteningly funny look at what happens when standards are thrown out the window, and police departments start hiring anyone with a temperature of 98.6 degrees.
    A classic comedy from the 1980s, Police Academy, is chock-full of crazy antics and totally unrealistic - but hilarious - situations.
  • The Naked Gun

  • Leslie Nielsen stars as Lieutenant Frank Drebin, an idiot savant detective who is heavy on the idiot and light on the savant. In this classic Zucker Brothers comedy, Drebin fumbles his way through an investigation to clear the name of his partner, Nordberg. In the process, he uncovers an attempt to kill Queen Elizabeth II involving baseball legend Reggie Jackson.
    As if it couldn't get more ridiculous, the cast includes O.J.Simpson, Ricardo Montalban, and Priscilla Presley. The Zucker Brothers don't pull any punches as they throw every gag in the book at this movie, based on the comedy television show The Police Squad.
  • Hot Fuzz

  • Simon Pegg and Nick Frost - of Shaun of the Dead fame - deliver the laughs as they work their way through a twisted plot to keep a quaint English village pristine, pure and inoffensive by any means necessary. Pegg portrays Sergeant Nicholas Angel of the Metropolitan Police.
    A hard-charging, no-nonsense police officer, Angel finds his unwavering rule-following ways and high productivity is not as appreciated by his peers as he might have expected. He ends up getting transferred to a seemingly boring village by his jealous boss and coworkers.
    With his bumbling partner Danny Butterman (Frost), Angel gets wrapped up in a hilarious whodunit and - wait for it - hilarity ensues.
  • The Other Guys

  • For all you peacocks who were born to fly, don't go chasing waterfalls. Stick to the movies guaranteed to make you laugh. If you don't find this movie funny, you really need to check to make sure you have a pulse.
    So many action movies have been made about hard-charging cops who shoot first, ask questions later and blow a lot of stuff up along the way. This brilliantly funny movie takes a look at the other guys - the note takers and reports writers that never seem to get their shot at the big case.
    Will Ferrell plays a straight-edged detective whose passion is forensic accounting. His partner, Mark Wahlberg, is a detective whose promising future hits a wall when he inadvertently shoots Derek Jeter during the World Series.
    The dialog is so funny; you don't even need to see it. Just listen. This movie is as funny as it is ridiculous, and it gets even funnier every time you watch it.
  • Police Work is No Joke

    Though these movies are hilarious, the real work of a police officer is no laughing matter. That doesn't mean you shouldn't be interested in the career, though. Funny or not, the law enforcement profession can offer you a real chance to make a real difference.

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